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The Doctrine of Signatures is a herbalists view that the Creator of the Universe marked each natural food with a “signature” of its healing purpose in the body.  For instance, a sliced carrot looks like an eye, and a kidney bean looks like a kidney.  Can you guess how the “Doctrine of Signatures” might apply to a cucumber?

Cucumber is a diuretic that promotes the flow of urine and stimulates the kidneys to flush out both wastes and fatty deposits from the body.  Cucumber is primarily composed of water but also contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and caffeic acid, both of which help soothe skin irritations and reduce swelling.
They are very easy to grow and the fresh ones are fluorescent green!

Here Are Some Other Creative Uses for Cucumbers
– make a cucumber cake.  Just follow a carrot cake recipe and substitute
cucumbers instead of carrots.  Instead of cinnamon, use fresh mint.
– make a cucumber facial mask by mixing crushed cucumber, 1 egg white and 1tsp of raw honey to tighten and hydrate your skin.
– a fresh cucumber eliminates bad breath as good as mint.
-rub a fresh cucumber to shine your shoes.
– boil some cucumbers or peels and inhale the rich phytochemical steam
to relieve a headache or calm your nerves.
* “Cool” idea: Take a few seeds and toss them in a public place to feed others!

Give this card with a life cucumber plant or a seed packet

Give this card with a life cucumber plant or a seed packet

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