E-card: Earth Day

Earth Day

With Earth Love:

Green Living Tips for 2015

1. Save money and toxins in your home by re-using your lemon! Did you know that the skin and flesh of a squeezed lemon can be used to soften your clothes in the dryer? It's simple science: Laundry soap is mostly alkaline so if you put something acidic into the dryer you have beautifully scented, soft clothing out of the dryer. In summer it's best to hang them out. In this case, just make a fabric softener from boiling your used lemons. Strain it and put it into the rinse cycle.

Time to make Lemonade anyway :)

Have you ever tried planting a garden? If this thought overwhelms you, start small. Get one seed packet of your favorite thing ( maybe tomatoes, basil, cucumber). Plant and see how easy and satisfying it is to grow your own food.

Do you kill weeks with Round Up? Did you know that white vinegar does the same job without the toxins to our air and water? Just pour onto the weeks or spray onto the weeds in full sun.

Do you recycle? Did you know that with single stream recycling, our small towns can actually make money? Please recycle!

Once special thing to do on Earth Day is to get children involved. Get some gloves and take your child to the beach, the bike bath or the ball park and explain to them that today is Earth Day. It's just as important as any other holiday ( or more so because it's the planet that keeps us alive!)

- you can pick garbage from the shoreline and let the child know they are making a difference for all the fish in the sea. Or, do the same thing at the ball park or bike path, and let the child realize that the wildlife is watching and appreciating this act of kindness.

- sprinkle some wildflower seeds in a lonely looking place to the public to enjoy
- plant something great, like a cucumber or a climbing zucchini for the public to enjoy.

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