E-card: Gems For Peace – Healing the Planet with Crystals

Some People are Gems – That Make The World Sparkle

and YOU are one of those Gems

Some People are Gems that Make the World Sparkle

Some People are Gems that Make the World Sparkle

Many people don’t realize that crystals are powerful, high technology tools that are used in Smart phones, powerful computers, home theatres and so much more.

Why? – Because crystals have amazing memory

to resonate light and information.

They are more than just pretty things and it is a scientific fact.

This E-card has been chosen especially for you, because you are a special person with the capacity to understand your impact and make a difference. Please participate in the:

The Crystals For Peace Project

*In order to participate you need to purchase two small crystals –

 quartz are always great, also selenite, or whatever calls to you. Use your intuition. This project is also a beautiful event to do with a group of people during any special time ( astrological event, holiday,

even for someone’s birthday or special occasion).

Take your crystals into your hands and hold them close to your heart. Now, think positive thoughts for World Peace. Picture the entire planet filled with Light, Love and Prosperity for ALL THINGS in every corner, every orifice of the planet. Now, as you see the planet covered in Light and the darkness flashing away, feel the energy in your heart touching the crystals. Now, blow these positive thoughts onto your crystals that are cupped in your hands, knowing that your crystal is absorbing these positive vibrations.

Next Step:
Keep one crystal for yourself and toss the other into natural running water, like an open stream, a reservoir, a fish pond, a lake,  even the ocean. Why running water? Water moves up and down and all around, so your thoughts will spread through the water, then evaporate with the water to the clouds, and then rain down upon the planet. We do create our reality and our thoughts are very powerful. Think Peace and Prosperity for our Planet. We are very powerful in numbers.  Let’s do this!

Thank You From Earth Love

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