E-card: Just NOW

Just NOW,
Your face entered my mind
and I found myself Smiling
Just NOW,
I’m feeling happy
and content
Right NOW,
I am glowing like a pearly gem
and feeling Lucky to Know Younow

With Earth Love:

Mother of Pearl, also known Nacre, is the inner lining of mollusks or sea snails. This shell lining can range from white to rainbow and the mineral aragonite is a natural secretion of these sea creatures.
Aragonite is a very calming mineral providing peace, focus and connection to the planet. Another main ingredient is calcium carbonate. This is the Mother of Pearl Jingle Shell.

Shells are related significantly to the ocean, because they have been part of it for many years. The ocean brings feelings of well-being and relaxation, it arouses all of our senses. Holding a piece or wearing it close to you makes you feel beauty, comfort, caring, delight, gentleness, love, peacefulness and solace.

So the next time you pick up one of these beautiful creatures, carry it as a Good Luck Charm or give it to someone special.

Earth Love

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