E-card: Lavender Pillow Happy Birthday

lavender pillow front and back

With Earth Love:

Lavender is an amazing herb which can be used for acne, athlete’s foot,
insect repellent, baking, antibacterial ointment and more.
Here is a no frills, easy way to enjoy the scent of natural lavender
to calm your mind, body and spirit.

Fresh Lavender Dream Pillow
You need: one handful of fresh lavender, dried.
One handful of rice & An old stocking or sock
Optional: dried chamomile, dried grapefruit peels, dried mugwort.

What to do: Combine all ingredients and put into old stocking.
You can sew it or simply tie a knot. If you want something fancy,
make a beanbag from your favorite old material,
but you don’t have to.
Make two bags and place one on each eye , or place under your pillow
for a restful sleep or meditation.

* Lavender is a perennial herb, which means once planted, it comes back every year.
Plant lavender this spring and enjoy for years to come!

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