E-card: Live Your Life Like a Burning Flame ( of Love) – How to Re-use your candle jar


With Earth Love:

Creative Ways to Use Your Empty Candle Jar

1. Fill it with dried herbs from your garden. These days, personal gardens are becoming popular for both health and cost. Many herbs are perennial (which means they come back each year on their own). Nothing is better than home grown food and it saves the planet another jar to manufacture and recycle. One candle jar can hold enough oregano or thyme for one whole year. Small jars filled with wholesome home grown herbs make great gifts with a personal touch .

2. Fill your jar with homemade toothpaste. Just melt some coconut oil
and slowly mix in baking soda until it meets the consistency you like. Add some mint essential oil and if you need something sweet, a little raw honey (it’s anti-bacterial). Lavender essential oil willmake your mouth a virtual perfumer
and cinnamon is another great flavor as well as anise.

3. Use it to collect change.
After all, you are saving money and the planet too ;).

4. Use it to store ground up egg shells ( calcium for your garden)

5. Use it to sort nails, nuts and bolts to neaten your space.

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