E-card: New Year’s Greeting Kitty and Kitty Meditation

Mr Kitty

With Earth Love:

How to Meditate Like a Cat

Are you already amused? Read on and you will see just how much we can learn about happiness from our feline friends :).

1. “ Be Still and Chill” - how many anxious, addicted cats haved you seen lately?

2. “ Know How Awesome You Are” - Does a cat with low
self-esteem even exist?

3. “ Decide on a Whim to Cuddle and Purr” - random acts of cat-liness is always a pleasant surprise.

4. “ Do Yoga” - stretching does wonders for the mind,
body, and spirit and let’s go of tension.

5. “Live in the Moment and be Grateful
Just Because You Feel Like it” - cats have that wonderful ability to introspect, be completely aware and ready
all at the same time


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