E-card: Paper Shreds – Way to Re-Use Your Paper

paper shreds

With Earth Love:

Creative Ways to Recycle and Re-use Paper

1. Use shredded paper for mailing insulation, or to pack away china and ornaments.

2. Wrap a gift in calalog mailers. For instance, if someone likes jewelry, you can wrap a beautiful gift with a jewelry catalog.
Travel magazines make beautiful gift wrap and so do food magazines.

3. Use shredded paper for small animal bedding, or even extend your cat litter.

4. Put the paper into your composter

5.Use it as a fire-starter (store in an old cardboard shoe box
and add in some old wax crayons and dryer lint)

Do you have too many catalogs and junk mail coming to your home?
Try these websites to stop the waste.

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