E-card: Strength of a Tree Happy New Year Holiday Greeting

Tree People Holiday Front and back

With Earth Love:

Strengh of a Tree Meditation

The resilience and majesty of a tree -
It goes through the wind, snow and cold of winter,
the heavy rains and dampness of spring,
the blazing hot and sometimes dry days of summer,
and the coming down of autumn,
And What Happens?
It THRIVES. It gets bigger and more beautiful each time.

Close your eyes and picture a wise old tree in front of you. Walk over to it, greet it, give it the respect it deserves. Then, as you stand next to this
magnificent being, imagine your feet are growing roots like the tree. Then, merge with the tree. Feel what it’s like to be strong, powerful, peaceful, resilient and completely fearless every single day of the year as you grow stronger, wiser and more wonderful each time.

With Gratitude,
Earth Love

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