E-card: The Legend of the Poinsettia Holiday Greeting


With Earth Love:

Little Maria lived in a small village in Mexico. It was a custom there to celebrate the Christmas season with special events, like decorating the village church together in preparation for Christmas Eve. It was a favorite event amongst village children,
who held this activity as a part of their most fond Chirstmas memories.
A great part of the celebration included making a gift
for the Baby Jesus to put at the manger on Christmas Eve.
Tiny Maria tried on her own to weave a blanket, but she was too young and unskilled.

Christmas Eve arrived quickly and Maria had nothing to give. She was so sad as all the others proceeded with their gifts, holding candles, with joyous music and singing filling the atmosphere. She was so upset that she hid in the shadows, in tears.

Suddenly, a thought came to her that said, “Maria, LOVE is what makes any gift special”. At that moment, she glanced over and saw some tall weeds growing and decided to scoop them up onto her dress and present them as a gift.
Everyone was wondering what she was carrying when suddenly,
she sprung open her arms and the weeds tumble out.
Voices gasped, “Look at those glorious flowers!” Maria was stunned
when she noticed that each weed was topped with glorious red star, and all the other weeds in the jungle sprouted too.
Love Had Created a Miracle~

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