Earth Love Interview on CUTV Blog Talk Radio Today!

Colorado Marilyn

Greetings around the world to those to Love the Earth (and even those who don’t!)

If you are free around 1pm today, I will be interviewed by the well-known Blog Talk Radio (Doug Llewelyn)!

As they were looking at QHHT/Hypnosis and Energy Healing Specialists around the country, they became intrigued with my additional Creative Pursuits: greeting cards with green living recipes and inspirational ideas, Moon Meditations and an upcoming book, Home Made Baking Soda Deodorant, and soon to be released, Sage Clearing Hand, Body and Face Cream (100 percent natural) for those in the field of Reiki or any type of energetic healing.

I will be interviewed on my grass roots business and creative pursuits. A bit of a stretch for me to be to so public, as I am very much a behind the scenes type of person, but here we go! Let’s do This!

Here is the link:

Live Green Earth Love,

A Greeting Card with a Green Living Idea inside


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