Happy Earth Day 2018




Happy Spring and Happy Fall to our beautiful  planet and everyone on it!

Most of us are reading this from the northern hemisphere where it is spring, but let us not forget our friends on the southern half off the planet.  We are all in this together! This thing we call LIFE!  We share our oxygen, our oceans, our sun, our moon, and a primal energy that is in every single heart.

Whether it is spring or fall, Earth  Day is around the corner!

I have chosen to of my favorite cards for Earth Day 2018,

” Think Globally, Act Locally” and “Heart Open Wide”

And the message is simple:

To “think globally means to realize that whatever we do affects the whole.  This includes the ALL of the choices we make, including how we eat, how we live, and also how and what we THINK.

This Earth Day, please, wake up and think about something positive.  Think of something in your life that you are grateful for and smile.  Just that energy alone does more than anyone might ever realize. On a local level, do whatever comes to you that FEELS GOOD and FEELS RIGHT.  I used to take my youngest child to the beach to pick up trash on that day.  We did not do this in a group, just ” mom and me”, and it was even more special. He;s grown up now and living in the city, but I remember these times fondly, and I urge all of you to just do something, anything special on Earth Day. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Write a list of things that you are grateful for and bury it in the ground with a seed of some sort, a flower, a veggie or whatever you like. Watch this seed sprout with your positive thoughts grounded next to it and refer to it all summer long.
  2. Forgive someone.  I know it’s hard, but it feels good. You don’t even  have to call them.  Just envision them energetically in front of you and say something like, ” hey, whatever, let’s move on”. and feel how light that makes you feel. We need to lighten this planet if we want Peace here. Revenge just doesn’t work anymore.
  3. Take a moment to connect to another living thing that might not be a human.  For instance, watch how cute a squirrel is when he scurries around, go to the ocean and telepathically tell it how immense and beautiful it is, listen to classical music and realize how all of those instruments work together to create something immense and wonderful.

Years ago, maybe 8 or 9 at this point, when I started this company and started making green living recipes and sharing the ideas, not many people seemed to care.  Recycling seemed like something that only hippies did and people laughed at me.  Well, not anymore! I was making my own toothpaste and getting eye rolls and now, I give that recipe freely ( it is on my card with  a candle that says, ” Live your Life Like a Burning Flame”.

;No one had ever heard of essential oils replacing toxic scents that give you a headache, no one ever thought you can actually clean your entire home with soap, water, vinegar and baking soda; organic gardens were far and few between and now community gardens have sprung up everywhere.  Back then, a backyard party had Coca Cola cans as a main staple and now, people are excited to try a new flavor of Kombucha.  Things have changed!!!! And finally, people are seeing the value in Green Living for our health and well-being.

Patience really IS a virtue.

Some of you may know that in addition to his company, I working in the healing arts.  I have been extremely busy with this, and have been selling my cards only locally but finally, I am ready to branch out like a Sprouting Seed on Earth  Day!

Think Cosmically, Act Locally” simply means that you realize that your behavior, right in your own little bubble DOES affect the whole in some way, shape or form.  So even if you realize that on Earth Day and didn’t before,  we’ve made some stride.

“Heart Wide Open” is obvious.  Once you realize our intimate connected to nature and to each other, your heart will open a little more than it was before, and as you feel better, so will the people around you.

Here is an e-card for Earth Day.  If you want to just copy it and post it on Facebook, that’s fine. If you want to purchase it for under one dollar and mass mail it, go ahead. My only request, when you do this is to realize that your thoughts DO make a different.  Please envision Peace on our Planet and fairness for All People if you use my work.  Thanks so much and Happy Earth Day!

Think Cosmically, Act Locally

Live with Purpose










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