Earth Love

I am the soil where you lay your feet.
The mother who gives you food to eat.
All night I turn slowly so you may rest.
But lately my friend, I’m not feeling my best.
My breathe is the wind, my tears the rain.
The oceans and streams my blood and veins.
The trees and grass are my hair – now receding.
The quakes are my stomach, churning and beating.
I have chemicals stuck to my rocky bones.
The star friends say you have abandoned me alone.
For this I can’t imagine why.
You are a part of me – We live together in the sky.
I remember the history you seek to discover.
But lately, I feel we are out of touch with one another.
The fact is my friend, I can’t do this alone.
I am tired, ill and too far gone.
Help me, my friend, we are made of each other.
The Sun knows we can do this together.