Beach Themed Cards

  • Live Your Life with Purpose

    “Live Your Life With Purpose” Greeting Card

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  • Me and the Sea front and back 1 up

    “Me and The Sea” Handpainted watercolor with Natural Sunscreen Recipe

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  • coconutladywithwords

    “Sometimes The World Feels Like A Coconut On Your Head”

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  • Marigold Feet Barefoot Summer

    Barefoot Summer – Feet with Marigold and Earth

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  • Hearth Open Wide

    Heart Open Wide

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  • now

    Just Now ( Jingle Shells)

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  • surfboardearth2

    Love to Surf – Love the Earth

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  • pearl in the sand front and back

    Pearl in the Sand ( Ocean Conservation)

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  • sand dollar floowers

    Sand Dollar Flowers Card – with information inside about Ocean Clean Up

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  • Smallest Pleasures

    Smallest Treasures – Seashells and Ocean Conservation

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  • shell spiral

    Spiral Shells Inside Pyramid

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