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“Sometimes The World Feels Like A Coconut On Your Head”

Inside This Greeting Card You Will Find This Recipe:

Coconut Hair Treatment

1/2 tsp bay rum
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon castor oil
1 teaspoon honey
1 egg yolk


Gently melt coconut oil and then add everything into a food processor except for the egg. When lukewarm, add the egg.
Leave on your hair for at least 2 hours and wash out for a beautiful healthy shine.

Other Ideas:
Foot Fungus: melt coconut oil with fresh crushed oregano or oregano oil and apply to fungal area.

Skin Softener right out of the shower

Mix with baking soda and mint oil for a
refreshing facial scrub

Put it on bread instead of butter


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Share this greeting card with anyone that needs a lift.  The essence of the message is that even if the world feels like  a coconut on your head, you can transform it into something useful.


Is this a gift? Add a hand braided ribbon upcycled from plastic bags to tie your cards into a beautiful package for someone special.

Additional Information


Folded card with light brown recycled natural envelope


Light Brown Recycled Paper with Envelope


One Card with Envelope on Recycled Paper


A2 note cards (108x140mm)


All Artwork and Intellectual Property is subject to Copyright by Earth Love, LLC (Zeina Inspirations)


Order up to 12 cards for the same flat rate shipping price of $6.95


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