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Breathe – Instructions for Conscious Breathing

Inside this card on the top you will find this information. The bottom is blank for your own personal message.

To Breathe is to Live.

The Biblical “Breath of Life” and the Yogic importance of mindful inhale/exhale is no accident. .
All schools of wisdom know that To Breathe is to Live and that is a Great Blessing!
Here are some important facts about breathing.

Breathing for Better Health and Focus
Your lungs are in your chest, so why do the experts say “breathe through your abdomen”? They are not saying that you have bronchi in your belly . It simply means to use all of your lungs, from top to bottom. Our lungs actually extend all the way down to the diaphragm, not just the top of your chest. With focus, and by relaxing your body, you can mindfully send oxygen even to the lower lobes of your lungs to cleanse your entire body with more oxygen than if you only breathed a shallow puff through the top of your chest.

Benefits of full lung breathing:
Your entire body will benefit from more oxygen. There will be better immune response, less stress, more energy, less fatigue, better circulation, better digestion and endocrine function, better focus.

How to do it:
Inhale through your nose and check that your abdomen is rising with each breath. When doing conscious breathing, be mindful that you exhale longer than you inhale in order to completely empty your lungs.

Connect your breath with positive thoughts. Think of all the things you are thankful for, one by one and breathe them in. Exhale with a “thank you”. This will change your optimism quickly, bringing in more positive things.


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A2 note cards (108x140mm)


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This is an any occasion card with information inside on meditative/yogic breathing. What does this have to do with Green Living? Everything if you consider that part of improving our planet is improving the attitude and emotional health of the people in it. Pass it on!


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