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Butterfly Congrats Card with info about butterfly conservation

Did you know that the monarch butterfly population is decreasing? There is an interesting reason why. Like all butterflies, monarchs lay their eggs on select plants, called “host plants.” These are the only plants their caterpillars can eat, and for monarchs, milkweed is their only host plant.

Unfortunately, milkweed is becoming harder for monarchs to find. Despite being ecologically important and an often ornamental wildflower, many consider milkweed a weed to be eradicated, both in agricultural lands as well as in the urban and suburban landscape.

Your small effort can make a difference.
Milkweed grows pretty purple flowers and is sold in some garden centers. Keep an eye out for it and plant some.

Don’t use environmentally harmful weed killers in your yard. A littel bit of white vinegar does the same job.

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Folded card with light brown recycled natural envelope




A2 note cards (108x140mm)


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