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Candle Greeting Card – ” Live Your Life Like A Burning Flame of Love”

Inside this Card you will find the following information:

Creative and Sustainable Ways to Re-Use Your Candle Jar

1. Fill it with dried herbs from your garden. These days, personal gardens are becoming popular for both health and cost. Many herbs are perennial ( which means they come back each year on their own). Nothing is better than Home Grown and it saves the planet another jar to manufacture and recycle.
Some ideas are oregano, basil, thyme or whatever you like.

2. Fill your jar with home-made toothpaste. Just melt some coconut oil and slowly mix in baking soda until it meets the consistency that you like. You can add your favorite essential oil too. Some examples are:
peppermint, lavender or frankincense.

3. Use your candle jar for spare change, nuts and bolts, or to sort craft items like buttons or yarn needles. You can also use these jars to store
dried beans or pop corn kernels.


Order up to 12 cards for the same flat rate shipping fee of $5.95

How many candle gifts have you received? We’ve all gotten many. ¬†Attach this card and make it unique and sustainable too.


Is this a gift? Add a hand braided ribbon upcycled from plastic bags to tie your cards into a beautiful package for someone special.

Additional Information


Folded card with light brown recycled natural envelope


Light Brown Recycled Paper with Envelope


One Card with Envelope on Recycled Paper


A2 note cards (108x140mm)


This is an original photograph set upon an custom created background by Earth Love, LLC. The flame is given, but there are also Light Orbs around the candle.


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