Read the poem inside to learn how to creatively clean your home with pine from outside

Dear Christmas Tree – Poem about Washing with Pine

Once a week
Or maybe more
Use some pine
To wash the floor

Set some in a boiling pot
The scent is divine
While it’s piping hot
Dip in your mop
And clean galore

Without using chemicals
From the store

Your home will be clean
And smell sublime
Especially at Christmastime!

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This is the first card made by the creator of Earth Love. One Christmas, I decided to go outside and pick of fresh sprig of pine to boil and make tea ( I had read it's very healthy and high in vitamin C). Then, I thought, if it's got so much ascorbic acid in it, and you can clean with lemons, why not clear with REAL pine? So I did.

Think about this: What makes your home cleaner? A toxic and fake scented product that you need to keep out of the reach of pets and children, or something natural, where you can literally lick the floor when you are done?

Happy Holidays from Earth Love


Is this a gift? Add a hand braided ribbon upcycled from plastic bags to tie your cards into a beautiful package for someone special.



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