Live Your Life with Purpose
Live Your Life with Purpose Front and BackLive Your Life with Purpose inside

“Live Your Life With Purpose” Greeting Card


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This card was inspired by a young millennial, old soul, who is a very talented individual but refuses to accept the word,

“You are talented”. Very accomplished at a young age, he always would say, “Talent is over rated and many people waste theirs.  I get up every day and life with purpose at achieving my goals”.  And he is! Do what you love as often as you can.  Live Your Life As If It Were A Blessing and It Will Become One :))

How To Know You are Living With Purpose

1. You don’t worry what other people think of you because it
deflects your focus.

2. You know how to smile inside and appreciate things.

3. You are humble. Those who make it to the top and stay there
know this balance.

4. You mix passion with daily action and don’t wait for others to tell you to act. A purposeful life emerges from deep inside and in some way, is a love and a service.

5. You improve every day. Some people have talent and don’t work hard. Other people work hard and develop talent.




Is this a gift? Add a hand braided ribbon upcycled from plastic bags to tie your cards into a beautiful package for someone special.

Additional Information


Folded card with light brown recycled natural envelope




One Card with Envelope on Recycled Paper


A2 note cards (108x140mm)


All artwork and intellectual property is subject to Copyright by Earth Love, LLC ( Zeina Inspirations)

This is an original photograph taken in Vevey, Switerland


Any occasion


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