marigold front and back
marigold front and backmarigold inside

Marigold Vinegarette Recipe Card (with more recipes inside)


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Marigolds are so common, that it’s easy to dismiss them as just your “average summer flower”.  But they are SO MUCH more. There are scores of information on the healing benefits and  ongoing studies of calendula (aka marigold) for your information and curiousity.  In the meantime, let’s decorate the planet in shades of orange and yellow this summer with a new appreciation and education on these beautiful flowers.  They aren’t garbage in the fall.  Use the flowers before you compost them!  Share this card and this knowledge with others. Connect to the gifts we’ve been given just outside our own front door.

Inside this card on the left is this following information ( right is blank for your own message)
Calendula/Marigold has been used medicinally for centuries .
Originally from Egypt, calendula contains chemicals
which have been shown in animal studies to speed up wound-healing
by increasing blood flow to the affected area
and promoting the production of collagen proteins.
Calendula also possesses anti-septic and
anti-inflammatory effects due to its flavonoid content.

In mouthwashes and gargles, calendula soothes
sore throat or mouth tissue; in solutions,
it has been used to treat hemorrhoids .
It has been used to treat a variety of
skin diseases such as skin ulcerations, eczema, and juvenile acne.
Improvement has been seen in as little as 3-4 days of treatment
according to the Universitatea de Medicina di Farmacie.

Plant some marigolds and in the fall, dry the leaves.
You can make a healing, anti-inflammatory tea
(which is possibly anti-cancer undergoing current studies).
Or, soak the dry leaves in alcohol to make a tincture for wounds;
Make a powder in your food processor and mix with your favorite
cream or conditioner for added healing benefits;
or add 1 tablespoon calendula powder to
1 cup of corn starch and use as a refreshing after shower powder.

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