Rainbow eye Valentine
rainbow LGBT Valentine eye inside

Rainbow Eye Valentine LGBT


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Inside this card is this information:


What is a rainbow?
Scientifically, a rainbow is one of the most spectacular light shows
observed on earth.
It is the sunlight, (white light), spread out into a beautiful spectrum of colors
and diverted to the eye of the observer by water droplets.
That is the “rain” part of the word.
The “bow” describes the fact that the rainbow is
a group of nearly circular arcs of color
all having a common center.
And so:
A rainbow reminds us that we are all beautiful bows of different colors
and life forms,
but we all have a common center.
We are all one.
Happy Valentines Day My Love!




Is this a gift? Add a hand braided ribbon upcycled from plastic bags to tie your cards into a beautiful package for someone special.

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Printed on Recycled paper, light brown with envelope


Up to 12 cards for the same flat rate of $5.95


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