Smallest Pleasures
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Smallest Treasures – Seashells and Ocean Conservation


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Inside this card:

Did you know that you can help preserve the ocean every single day,
no matter where you live by making a few conscious choices? You can!

1. Cut your plastic consumption. Opt for the re-usable bottle and bring your own bags to the food store.Set the example.

2. Support natural forms of gardening and lawn care. Synthetic chemicals go up to the clouds and rain back down upon us, our ocean, our world.

3. Read pet food labels and consider seafood sustainability when choosing a diet for your pet. Never flush cat litter, which can contain pathogens harmful to marine life.

4. Go to the beach with a child, put on gloves and pick up garbage. No one has to know except you and the child, and the great, humble lesson you are teaching.

5. Find a national organization that supports the ocean.
Research well and show your support


Is this a gift? Add a hand braided ribbon upcycled from plastic bags to tie your cards into a beautiful package for someone special.

Additional Information


Folded card with light brown recycled natural envelope




One Card with Envelope on Recycled Paper


A2 note cards (108x140mm)


All artwork and intellectual property is subject to Copyright by Earth Love, LLC (Zeina Inspirations)


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