Welcome to Earth Love Now!

Earth Love Now is a green living lifestyle company based around the philosophy that every single person matters. Accordingly, our actions heavily effect the earth that gives us life. Just imagine the changes we could make if we all did just one positive thing everyday for the earth that sustains us!

We offer handmade greeting cards perfect for every occasion. Inside the cards you’ll find charming designs and great ideas for a green lifestyle, including recipes for all natural cleaning solutions, make-up products, gardening ideas and even a recipe for some delicious chamomile lemonade!

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Don’t forget! We also offer handmade baking soda deodorant, which is environmentally friendly and good for your health. While typical aluminum based deodorants can cause adverse reactions and have unknown health effects, baking soda deodorant destroys odor safely and is backed by science. It’s really quite simple. Odor is created by bacteria living on your skin. These bacteria release acidic secretions that are responsible for body odor. Baking soda is basic, so when baking soda meets these acidic secretions it causes instant neutralization! It’s simple chemistry. On top of that, our health conscious deodorant is enhanced with lavender and peppermint essential oils, so it smells great too!

Our deodorant is available at the Earth Love Now Store

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